Does CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

One of the benefits of Cannabidiol Oil is lowering blood pressure. CBD Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids that help keep the cardiovascular system healthy and functioning at its optimal state.

Recent studies have shown that regular intake of Cannabidiol Oil supplements can help in preventing high blood pressure, lowering the chances of developing hypertension, and avoiding heart attacks. What HEMP CBD Oil Drops does is normalizes the heart rhythm to ensure that the cardiovascular system functions appropriately.

CBD as a Vasodilator

Cannabidiol Oil helps in ensuring that blood freely flows throughout the whole body. It helps prevent blockages that cause abnormal flow of blood and create elevated levels of blood pressure. Moreover, CBD’s natural neuroprotective properties prevent the development of possible heart diseases, including cardiovascular stroke.

Since Cannabidiol Oil is also known as a natural anxiolytic and analgesic, it also helps lower stress levels that could be due to pain or stress. When stress levels are lower, blood pressure tends to drop or normalize too.

But Cannabidiol Oil should still be complemented with a healthy lifestyle. While CBD oil is particularly helpful in preventing heart diseases, it will have a hard time helping the heart to stay healthy if there is an excessive intake of salty and fatty food plus alcohol. Moreover, regular exercise and good sleeping habits can help CBD Oil do its job.

Optimum CBD Oil Dosage to fight hypertension

Most users and alternative medicine practitioners recommend a 25 mg dose of Cannabidiol Oil at least twice a day to combat hypertension. This dose should be observed by the patient himself so that he could note whether there is an improvement in his blood pressure rate. If the results are not optimal, he can increase the dose by another 25mg after three to four weeks.

Type of CBD to Use for Hypertension

Cannabidiol oil can be consumed in many ways. For patients of hypertension or those who take CBD Oil to maintain their cardiovascular wellness, pills and capsules could be the most convenient way to consume CBD Oil regularly. Below are some other forms of CBD that hypertensive individuals may take:

  1. Pills and capsules. Like any other plant-based supplement, Cannabidiol oil also comes in tablets or capsules. It is the most convenient way to take it as it can be consumed at home or on the go. Moreover, it is pre-dosed and is not as messy to ingest unlike other forms of Cannabidiol Oil.
  2. Tinctures. Cannabidiol Oil tinctures are also extremely helpful for cardiovascular patients, especially when experiencing high blood pressure. Among all forms of Cannabidiol Oil, tinctures are the fastest-acting. Imagine, upon sublingually taking CBD Oil tincture extract, the supplement reaches the nerve endings at the back of the tongue and immediately enters the bloodstream. Sublingual ingestion i8s estimated to take effect in as quickly as 10 minutes.
  3. CBD Gummies and chewables. For some people who have a hard time swallowing pills or tablets, and at the same time could not bear the taste of CBD Oil tinctures, Cannabidiol Edibles is the answer. Cannabidiol oil comes in gummy candies; some are even sugar-free. Then there are chewable tablets that are flavored and easy to digest. Just pick the right dosage and consume regularly.
  4. CBD Edibles. Cannabidiol Oil can be infused on any edible product. Be it savory dishes like soups, salad dressings, and entrees. It can also be incorporated into pies and other pastries. Desserts like ice cream are a favorite food item where CBD can be infused as well. Just be mindful of the dose and make sure that the food item will not aggravate heart issues.
  5. CBD Infused drinks. Hot or cold, caffeinated or decaffeinated, CBD Oil works well as a beverage too. Just add the desired dosage on coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, or even protein shake. Makes for a healthy and refreshing drink that does wonders for a person’s heart health.

What Causes Hypertension?

The best way to avoid the health impact of high blood pressure and hypertension is to prevent it. But what causes hypertension or blood pressure rates to rise?

Current studies on hypertension, point to the consumption of salty and fatty food as the primary cause of hypertension. Eating processed foods that are high in unhealthy fats and sodium can lead to heart problems. Moreover, excessive alcohol intake is likewise linked to heart problems.

Prolonged periods of stress can also cause blood pressure levels to spike. It is best to keep worries and stresses at bay and give the body some time to relax and recharge. Another possible root of hypertension is family history. Cardiovascular diseases could be hereditary, so it is basically in one’s genes. So if a child with hypertensive parents grows up eating what his parents may love to be eating, such as fast food meals and processed food products, he is at a very high risk of contracting heart disease.

Another cause of hypertension is a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising regularly is key to having a healthy heart. Strive to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for at least five times a week to avoid contracting heart problems.

CBD Oil and Healthy Lifestyle

As in any plant-based supplement or medication, it will all work well when complemented with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Cannabidiol Oil can help lower blood pressure levels and will be more effective in doing so if the patient is determined to live a healthy lifestyle.