Mare Nectaris
The Sea of Nectar
Sunset on the 19-day moon and the terminator is closing in on Mare Nectaris, accentuating the wrinkle ridges on the basin
floor. Fracastorius spills over its southern border, lesser craters encircling upwards and around to Beaumont (at the 8
o'clock position), the overlapping pair of Theophilus and Cyrillus (10 o'clock), Madler (11 o'clock), the almost fully
engulfed remnants of Daguerre (12 o'clock), finally to meet Montes Pyrenaeus (Pyrenees Mountains) along the eastern

This is a single 0.7 second ISO 100 image that was taken at the end of a Mars session on18-Jul-2003 as the clouds
began to roll in. Captured with an 8" Mak-Newt and Canon 10D digital SLR through a stacked pair of TeleVue Powermates
(2x and 4x). The original image is 3072 x 2048 pixels and has been reduced (4x4 binned)  for display here.

Processing done in
Images Plus and  final polish with Adobe PhotoShop.