The second night with my 105mm AP Traveler, and a chance to capture M31 as it passed high overhead. I prefer capturing
targets as they cross the meridian, reducing the amount of atmosphere (and attendant distortion) to penetrate.

Andromeda's bright dwarf companion galaxies are both classified as elliptical, though the only the core of M32 (hovering
above the outer lane) is visible in this image, looking like a round fuzzball. Part of the fainter outer core area of M110 is seen,
helping to distinguish its elliptical shape. Dust lanes help to mark out the spiral arms in our sister galaxy, with bright blue knots
and tangles of younger stars punctuating the outer limbs.

Taken with a Canon 10D DSLR via the 4 inch scope operating at f/4.5. Six 7 minute ISO800, four 7 minute ISO200, and seven
5 minute ISO100 images were combined and processed using
Images Plus and Adobe PhotoShop. Focusing was
accomplished via a 3-holed (Hartmann) mask and
Liquid Fusion DSLR Focus.
Andromeda Galaxy