Messier 45
The Pleiades in Taurus
January 27, 2003
Known as Subaru in Japan,  the Pleiades lie within in wispy reflection nebulae, giving an eerily diffused view of the
more prominent members. The broad 6-spike diffraction pattern (seen better in the below croppings) is caused by
three foil spacers used in the scope's objective lens. The pattern begins to emerge as the image level is boosted
manyfold times (as was done here) in an effort to bring out fainter detail. Considerable bloating of the stars is
another penalty paid with this intense image stretching, and I may eventually reprocess the set with filter masks.

Taken with a Canon D60 digital SLR through a Takahashi FS128 and TeleVue 0.85 reducer/flattener, this image is
comprised of 15 raw 240 second shots at ISO800 and an ambient temperature of about 5 deg F. Processing done in
Images Plus, with final touches in Adobe PhotoShop.
           Alcyone                                  Merope                                   Maia