12. Remove the black plastic trim plate surrounding the door strike.

13. Pop the snap connectors along the bottom edge of the door panel (seen here on the removed panel).

14 Reach below and disconnect the yellow vacuum line for the map pocket door lock (see below).

15. Lift the door panel up to remove it.
8. Pop out the bottom of the kick-panel lamp and disconnect the cable.

9. Take out the 10 mm bolt that is behind the first piece of wood which was removed.
10.  Use a big Phillips screwdriver to remove the large screw behind the piece of plastic that was in the
front of the map pocket.

11. Remove the triangular piece of trim parallel to the rear-view mirror by popping the top section and then
pulling up.
Mercedes R129 (SL) Door Panel Removal
(and door check replacement)
Intended for informational use only. Use at your own risk!
6. Remove the Phillips screw that is recessed deeply in the hole at the rear section of the map pocket.

7. Remove the three screws holding the chrome plate on the rear top of the door
1. The wood trim at the seat controls is in two sections: an upper cap and lower section. Remove the
upper piece of wood by pushing up from the bottom and pulling outward.

2. The lower piece is held in place by the now exposed metal bracket that is hooked at the end by the
door lock switch and secured by a single Phillips head screw. Remove the screw and pull off the metal

3. Pull the black door lock switch straight back and it will pop out.
4. Remove the seat switch assembly by pushing it rear-ward while gently pulling the front edge outwards,
then unplug the harness connector.

5. Open the map pocket, and remove the small piece of plastic at the front end that is held in place with a
small Phillips head screw.
A step by step procedural guide to dismantling/re-assembly
The Bottom line
Parts: less than $30
Time: less than 60 minutes
MB estimate (savings): Many $$$
Downside: your hands may get dirty! :o)
16. Remove the speaker assembly to gain access to the rear door-stop hold-down bolt. Remove it and the
two forward hold-down bolts located along the front edge of the door. The door-check assembly can now be
removed through the speaker opening.
17. The damaged unit is seen on the left (the mounting ears have been sheared off), and a new unit is on
the right.

18. Reverse procedure for re-assembly, ensuring all connections are tight and controls functioning properly.