Processing Sequence
The following frames show some of the interim processing results in salvaging a poor quality image.
The blurry, tawny discoloration in the original was due to atmospheric conditions. The resolution of
these images has been significantly reduced to create smaller, easier files to transfer.
This is the raw, untouched image as
produced by the camera. Note the tawny
coloration and the lack of detail.
After separation into RGB+L components,
deconvolving, and recombining, the mage is
unnaturally dark and retains a yellowish cast
Setting the Gamma to 0.500, Saturation to
0.80, and Luminance to 0.80 toned it down
a tad, but it is still too dark.
Adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, and
implementing mild unsharp masking  made
for a more vivid but still looks unnatural.
To attain more natural color-tone without
an overly-processed appearance, the
contrast was reduced and pixel values
increased by 15.
The consensus was that too much detail
was removed and picture #4 is the best.
I'm still trying to get it right correct, though!
Sooo, whaddya' think... Is the final image an improvement?
Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at deconvolution and is from my first "batch" of images... be gentle with me! :o)