This image set shows the activity surrounding masive Active Regions 0484 and 0486, the latter of which hurled two gigantic
hydogen-plasma volleys our way during it's procession across the sun. The ionized cloud covered an area thirteen times larger
than earth and raced towards us at  5 million miles per hour, setting both the northern and southern skies ablaze with
spectacular aurorae as geo-magnetic forces violently clashed in the upper atmosphere.

Activity in the photosphere is generally quite sedate in appearance compared to the constantly raging chromosphere above.
You may examine this layer (taken at the same time) by moving your cursor over the above image.

White-light image taken through an 8" Mak-Newt using a
Kendrick-Baader full aperture solar filter and Denkmeier 2" OCS, the
H-a image is via a
Coronado Solarmax 90 mounted to an FS128 Takahashi and with a 2" 2X TeleVue Powermate. Both images
were taken with a Canon 10D DSLR. North is up and East is to the left.
White-light/H-a blink-sequence 25-Oct-2003
(move mouse over image to view H-a component)