I was pleasantly surprised when contacted by the italian astronomy magazine "Coelum Astronomia" to use some of
my solar images for a photo-essay to appear in the January 2003 edition! I was further honored by being included in
such prestigious company as the
Learmonth Observatory (the 3 images on the left side of the page) and Big Bear
Solar Observatory (the 3 full-disk white-light shots on the right). Mine are the uppermost and bottom H-a shots.
Details for the shots can be found on my
08-Nov-02 Sun page.

Image Info: Canon EOS D60 digital SLR,
Coronado Solarmax90/T-Max, and 30mm blocking filter attached to a
Takahashi FS128 at prime focus. Processing was done in
Images Plus and final polishing in Adobe PhotoShop.