Several plasma ejections raced across the 100,000 mile
gulf between the proms during this two hour period... and
that's not light beams we're talking about, but matter...
superheated, ionized plasma streams racing out with
speeds more than 1000 times faster than the muzzle
velocity of a high-speed round fired from a hunting rifle...
speeds that would instantly peel back the copper jacketing
and vaporize the bullet's contents as soon as it left the gun

Several other close-up full-disk images were gathered
during this session, and will be processed as time permits.

Image Info: Canon EOS D60 digital SLR,
Solarmax90/T-Max, and 30mm blocking filter attached to a
Takahashi FS128 via T-mount TeleVue Powermates (4x
for the above and quadrant images, 2x for the full-disk) .
Processing was done in
Images Plus and final polishing in
Adobe PhotoShop.
These images were  taken on 25-Apr-2003 commencing at ~17:20 UTC (13:20 EDT), with  the prom animation
sequence (below) spanning a two hour period with ~15 minute intervals. North is up and east is to the left.

AR0346 is directly under the prominence at the 11 o'clock position in the upper image, and AR0344 has rotated
further towards the central disk.

Vast distances and incredible speeds easily become lost within the context of these images, so let's put things in
perspectives we may be more familiar with:

Consider that these proms are three times taller than the diameter of Earth, and from end-to-end span a distance
more than half that which separates us from the moon!