This hydrogen-alpha image was taken mid-morning on 08-Mar-2003 (North is up and East is to the left). With low
winter elevations, gathering crisp solar images remains a challenge.

Though sunpot activity has been low,  AR 0296 (NW quadrant) blazes through into the H-a band, while equally
impressive 0306 and 0308 approach from the NE limb. AR 0296 and 0306 are possible sources of M class flares,
medium-sized radiation bursts that can cause tele-communications disruptions as the energy blasts into us.

Several massive serpentine filaments can be seen coursing the surface, with prominences bursting from the NNE
and W/SW limbs.

Image Info: Canon EOS D60 digital SLR,
Coronado Solarmax90/T-Max, and 30mm blocking filter attached to a
Takahashi FS128 via a T-mount TeleVue 2x Powermate. Processing was done in
Images Plus and final polishing
in Adobe PhotoShop.
Boosting the juice up a notch with a 4x TeleVue Powermate, the view begins to reveal more structure. The wispy
appearance in the prominence on the NW limb belies the massive energy realeased as it unfurls, spanning a
distance many earth-diameters in breadth.

Vestiges of the underlying sunspot activity at AR306 (lower left) puncture the brighter suface, surrounded by a
contingent of filament tendrils.      

A series of white-light and 8x Powermate H-a shots were also gathered during this session, and will be processed
as time permits.