Note the detached plasma ejection off
the Western limb (6 o'clock position) in
the full-disk image. These massive
salvos of ionized hydrogen can take
on tremendous electro-magnetic
potential as they snap free from the
sun's surface, often reaching the
power equivalent of a million
100-megaton bombs exploding

Image Info: Canon EOS 10D digital
Coronado Solarmax90/T-Max,
and 30mm blocking filter attached to a
Takahashi FS128 via T-mount
TeleVue 4X Powermate (upper image)
and at prime focus (lower image).
Processing was done in
Images Plus
and final polishing in Adobe
A 100,000+ mile hedgerow prominence line fires some 8 earth-diameters above the chromosphere on the Eastern
limb, as even larger filaments wrap around Active Region 0471. North is 90 degrees CW of the prom in these images,
taken in the late afternoon (20:15UTC) on 03-Oct-2003.