Small-Scale H-a Image
From a single image taken during an impromprtu session on 26-Nov-2004 with a 105mm AP Traveler/AP900GTO, Coronado
Solarmax90/BF30, SBIG STL11K CCD, and TeleVue 2x Powermate, taken at 0.003 seconds. The image scale was kept small and
exposures relatively short, so as to minimize atmospheric smearing due to the low angle of elevation and jet stream activity.

AR706 and AR707 are seen at the 8 o'clock position, AR704 on the opposite limb, and a smattering of filament coursing the disk.
The Northernmost filament complex took on a very surrealistic appearance in the eyepiece, forming a darkened dashed band of
"puffs". I did a double-take, similar to the evening many years ago when I "discovered"
Rupes Recta (the Straight Wall) on the moon.
At first blush, I suspected a problem with my optics (confounded scratch or cat's whisker... wait, I don't have a cat!), only to then
realize I had stumbled across a natural formation and the scope was just fine, thank you (Duh!). North is on top and East is to the left.

When properly set, the SBIG camera captures a very wide dynamic range. As is now my customary approach, a single image was
processed in
Images Plus via three separate paths, yielding images for the surface, "hairy" limbs, and prominence portions. They
were then composited using PhotoShop CS, which was also used for the final "polish", size reduction, and web (JPEG) conversions.

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