June 8th 2004 Venus Transit
An unexpected surprise awaited, as one of my transit images
was chosen for inclusion in
The 2005 World Almanac ... go

This is unequivocal proof lending credence to the belief that
even a blind squirrel stumbles upon an acorn every now and
then :o)
From our viewing site at a grass landing strip in Roxbury CT, we were greeted with this spectacular sunrise... a "naked eye" view of the
Venus transit already in progress. This was even more treasured, as cloud cover and coastal fog had moved deep inland to other
venues we had considered.

Not wanting to relive the disappointment of our fogged-out Mercury transit expedition in the previous year, we opted to forego shoreline
vantage points in favor of this high plateau. Many thanks to fellow club members Greg and Cheryl Barker for making the arrangements!

I've not yet finished going through and processing the some 95 H-a images that were gathered (I've yet to finalize my technique for
removal of "
Newton's Rings") , but one of the interim images can be seen at this link, or click these links for animations in WMV or
MPEG formats.

The show having ended, our group (seen below) schmoozes for a while before packing up and heading into town for a very exhuberent